Introducing Great Machine

A long time in the making, I’m excited to announce the launch of Great Machine, a new artificial intelligence division of Deutsch, conceived to create products that bind AI and human behavior to solve brand problems that traditional marketing cannot.

We love everything that’s happening with AI right now, but believe that without a personality, AI is still just a bunch of numbers and code.

So, we created Great Machine to bring creativity, soul, and a voice to AI. Because with it, intelligent machines can become companions that enhance a brand’s relationship with people and change businesses.

Don’t know where to start? No problem. We offer brands a free one-day workshop that we call AI Primer. We help you get grounded in what AI is and what it isn’t: what it can do, and what it can’t: best practices and worst missteps. You’ll leave with a very good idea of what areas of AI you should be focusing on in terms your marketing.

We also have something called the 20/20 program, a 20-day $20K sprint to assess your business and output a strategy inclusive of key briefing documents that detail where/why/how AI can come to life; an actionable plan for bringing AI to your business using easy-to-understand language. The 20/20 strategic process will feel familiar to any executive used to working with an insight-led creative agency or innovation consultancy.

AI’s is the hottest thing in tech. It’s going to fundamentally re-shape media and behavioral analytics over the next few years , but it’s also going to change the future of customer engagement and creativity, particularly as voice-driven connected devices proliferate. Now’s the time to start investing and experimenting. Learn more at