HBO may be shooting for prestige, but the show adds nothing new to the entertainment world

Filmmakers and cinephiles love the noir genre. While its aesthetic may have roots in German impressionism, the film noir is one of the few homegrown cinematic movements in Hollywood. It was the cinematic extension of the hard-boiled crime novel and born of wartime austerity and postwar disillusionment.

While the original…

The Supreme Court has some rulings to make on police protections. How could they effect the law?

The recent killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, not to mention the reactions to the resulting protests, have brought police brutality and its racial undertones back into the national spotlight, a place it has occupied far too often in the past decade. These cases added fuel to a long-burning…

Fiction Friday

Paula sat up on the blanket, smoothing out the folds in her skirt and sliding her underwear back on. The breeze swished through the trees overhead and left her with goosebumps. She still smelled the lingering wetness from the morning’s light rain. …

We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

A few days ago, Donald Trump tweeted, “Asian Americans are VERY angry.” If the tweet stopped there, he would’ve been right. His rationale, as it often does, missed the mark.

Asian Americans are angry because the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us yet another reminder that the country views us as…

Winston Bribach

Published fiction writer and scholar of Asian American Literature and Culture. When I’m not reading or writing, you’ll find me playing with my camera.

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