Watch How This Japanese Master Uses The Power Of Chi To Control Animals. You Have To See It To Believe It!

The fact that human beings have only five senses is nowadays taken for granted and if people cannot explain something within the framework of science, they tend to brush it off as an oddity or anomaly.

Master Kanzawa Sensei has said that he is able to exchange energy with animals after which they calm down and fall asleep.

Many practitioners of meditative arts and eastern martial have been attuned to the presence of chi for thousands of years. Chi is described as life force energy which animates all creatures on Earth. Masters that use this energy are able to perform extraordinary feats of longevity, concentration and strength, while those from the West have always been unwilling to credit them for their outstanding mastery, since they cannot accept the idea that a subtle energy connects all the living things.

The practice of cultivating energy is known as Qigong and the Japanese chi master, Sensei Kanzawa is famous for his extraordinary ability to control animals by using his mind power and chi techniques, which are extraordinary and rare examples of Qigong powers. By manipulating chi techniques with his hands and concentrating his mind, this master could stand near animals such as elephants, buffalo and ostriches. He could also calm them down and even put them to sleep.

He explained that he is exchanging energy with the animals after which they go to sleep

He had also featured in an episode of the Stan Lee’s Super-humans, a TV program where he was seen visiting a Californian alpaca ranch. He had left the ranch owner, Cecilia Secka perplexed by subduing a large group of alpacas. Moreover, there was a subsequent message on the ranch’s website where it was revealed that after the filming, Kanzawa healed an injured animal in an incredible way. Namely, he helped a female alpaca which was behaving quite strangely that day. The animal was paralyzed in the hind legs and could not eat at all since its jaw was paralyzed as well. The ranch owner gave the animal some Bonamine hoping it will help. However, there was not any improvement. Finally, she told Mr. Kanzawa about this problem and he agreed to see the animal which was still unable to eat. Mr. Kanzawa stood five feet away from the injured alapaca and started to use his power of mind and the chi techniques. They could see a gradual improvement and after twenty minutes the animal was completely restored, eating and moving normally. Moreover, it had never had those symptoms again.

In the video below you can also see master Kanzawa working with a group of buffalo, which is extremely dangerous and unapproachably large animal. At that moment a veterinarian who was familiar with buffalo, witnessed Kanzawa’s powers and he was literally flabbergasted by what this master did with these gigantic beasts.

The comments between the veterinarian and the host after Kanzawa subdued the buffalo showed that there is not any room for this ancient wisdom in the current paradigm, meaning that this could not be explained in any of the realms of science and medicine.

Life is not just what we all can sense in an ordinary way. It is connected in more subtle ways and Western science is far behind the understanding the depth of this connection. We all have energy body which is our innate super power and we can all develop and cultivate it. However, nowadays it is downgraded to freak the show media since we live in a thought-controlled world.

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