Day 2 at Andela Bootcamp,

On this day I had to take a pause and check the meaning of the word “bootcamp” . Google defines it as a camp for new recruits with strict discipline. I’ve had to learn the ‘hard way’ that “strict discipline” is important for the success of any undertaking one desires to venture in. Discipline is required in following a task exactly as one is required to, performing it and ensuring excellence in your output. Implementing it in real life saves you time and rewards you in the end.

The other vocabulary I had to add to my life lessons is “deadlines.” This word put in real-life practice has the power to give you an adrenaline rush to finish your work on time and on schedule; thereby allowing you to finish what you start. It acts as an alarm clock that you enter into a race of time with, always keeping you in check to ensure that you are ahead of it, hopeful that the buzz will ring when you’ve crossed the finish line.

Lastly, I finish of with perseverance and commitment. These two qualities are necessary to remember while you are on the Andela journey and you find a “blocker” on your way. They are what you go too, when you need to overcome a blocker or a challenge ahead of you that has frustrated you. They change your mindset to one that embraces growth rather than impossibilities and seeks reward in overcoming them.

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