My Squad Goals: Ladies of Sex and the City


This whole trend began (or did it get more popular/resurface) when Taylor Swift and her long legged friends brought about an insecurity and an inspiration to us common folks.

Look at that? Who wouldn’t want that to be their #squadgoals? You have a whole group of wonderful, inspirational ladies that are drop dead gorgeous and are justly absolutely flawless.

I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with them. They’re just … not my kinda squad goals. These ladies are:

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The beautiful ladies of Sex and the City: Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte. They’re so different but beautifully compatible with each other. Several times have their friendship been tested but they’ve made it through personally… this just inspires me much more than the Taylor Squad.

I’m not saying they’ve never been through difficult times, only they will know, but its just so much more inspirational, especially watching them grow through the series through life’s hurdle. Fictional but still, inspirational.

Here’s a clip of them singing “I am Woman” from the 2nd movie:

I guess in a sense my squad goal is to have a group of friends who may be different (in beliefs, personality, interest) but find themselves compatible with one another and will be there for one another through it all.

Who inspires your #squadgoals? What are your #squadgoals?

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