Chinese Tour Groups Suck
Panpan Wang

I do wonder what the reaction would be if this was written from the perspective of a white person. “Oh you should excuse them when they break local customs, offend people, are rude and entitled; it is just what they are used to at home.” Would that fly?

I’ve met a (very) few nice mainland Chinese when travelling, I’ve also experienced the extremely loud, extremely rude, line cutting, completely and utterly inconsiderate tour group participants (sometimes to the extent that I need to walk in front of my wife and physically shoulder check them so that they don’t know her off the path onto the ground).

When you hear the tour guide asking them in Mandarin to please allow others to pass and the 90% of the group ignoring them, you have to start to wonder if it’s not simply that 90% of the tour group simply don’t care about others at all. I never hear 不好意思 from mainlanders, just get a shoulder in the chest.

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