Dirty Penance & Letters
Brianna Martinez

I think that people change for only 2 reasons; for themselves or for someone else. While following that logic, I choose that Gabe changes for himself. Towards the end of the final Chapter, Tomas finally informs Gabe of his true personality which completely conflicts with how he has been seeing his actions. I think Gabe thought he was a reserved, critical thinking, unique individual but Tomas makes him realize that he is a very needy, ignorant, annoying presence… basically a child. After realizing that Gabe decides to change.

I think Benito means well but says it in the most meanest way. I have family that humble brag about their kids without offering assistance, and that is the difference between true intentions. If this book continues, I will be sad because it will be lame like this one and I think the next character development for Gabe is exploring his new found personality traits in L.A.