Six Thoughts to Enhance Your Power

Much of what we accept as given is in reality dependent on a choice we’ve made. Much more than we have been taught is open to change. This is wonderful news if you are ready to take responsibility for the events and results of your life. The following suggestions are a proven way to change your view of your circumstances and to work with them instead of blaming them.

1/ Most limitations only seem to be fixed — in reality they are flexible

Truth is that you can change many things in your life, more than most people are willing to accept. The boundaries of your thinking are the only limitations in your world. You are only held back by your persistent believe in a given world that exists totally independent from your mind. The sages of all ages and the findings of quantum physics give us a totally different perspective: whenever there is a dream or an urge in you to change something, odds are that you should go for it.

2/ Seeing things as opportunities and possibilities vs. risks and dangers is a choice

Confronted with the need to decide, people like to compare the alternatives of their positive or negative consequences. But why? In every opportunity there is risk, and in every difficulty there is opportunity. The main question is on which of the two we concentrate. Depending on our perspective, we will encourage the presence of threats or chances, and moreover the prevalence of the converse in our lives will decrease. We all make decisions of this kind every day, many of them unconsciously.

3/ Ask “Why not?” instead of “Why?”

Because so many of our decisions are made unconsciously our basic attitude is so important. If we anxiously look at the cons of each decision we will avoid most of them. If we have an open mind and primarily look at the pros, we will see many more possible ways to design our future. Rather than immediately collecting arguments against what you encounter, ask yourself: “What would it mean if this idea turned out well/What will happen when I succeed?” That changes your internal perspective and turns what at first seemed impossible into something possible.

4/ We decide whether we are successful or not

In many ways we live still in the medieval times, when the strength of our muscles was the critical component of our success. People never trusted their sages when being told about the power of their mind. Today there is a growing body of evidence that the human mind is the most powerful force in the world. We become what we think about. If we see ourselves as successful and happy, we will become successful and happy. It leads to a very different life compared to a belief-system where we see ourselves as victims of hostile outer forces.

5/ We decide what is realistic and what is unrealistic

The designation “realistic” is not a conclusive statement about an external happening, rather it is a statement about one’s thinking. If the top performers of the world would not believe in the possibility of their goals, they would not go for them. Nobody would invest effort in a goal that seems to be out of reach. Only by shifting our perspective about what is possible we can change the odds.

6/ Be thankful, both for today and for the fantastic tomorrow

If there is one certainty in terms of how we understand happiness, then it is this: whoever fails to appreciate the current successes in his or her life will likewise not value future successes… even more, he or she will likely not even notice them. Happiness is an internal process. Happiness is something that we can either decide for, or not. It would certainly be more than foolish to decide against it.

All the best to you,

Manfred Winterheller