P.S., Everything Is Going To Be Alright

A letter to my younger self

“Be who you needed when you were younger”

Dear younger self,

Be good to yourself first.

From early childhood to now, you don’t know what it’s like to stay in one place for too long. Remember, change is inevitable and we have to embrace that as the army brat we will always be. People will come and go and you’ll have to realize it’s not always a bad thing. Don’t beat yourself up on everything, life is about learning and growing. So be good to yourself first, the rest will follow.

I believe in you, even through your internal trials.

We don’t speak like everyone or think like everyone. We’ll hear this all our lives and that’s unique. We’re smart, bright, talented with a great future ahead of us. No matter where we are and what we do, know that we can fulfill any dream. We can be a doctor, botanist, actor, music journalist, public speaker, poet, director … anything we put our mind to. Don’t be afraid to go after an occupation that everyone doesn’t agree with. Realize that the world has always been ours. We just have to apply ourselves and let go.

Your support system is important.

Our parents love us and we are admired through family and friends. We need to hear advice, encouragement, and guidance on how to make it in life. Listen to God, pray more, and work harder. We have to believe and know that nothing is easy in this world. It takes effort and moving forward in all realms of our life to be successful. This goes into our support and belief system and it has to be a daily routine to find understanding and fulfilling our purpose.

The past isn’t coming back.

WHEW. The concept that we’ll have to repeatedly tell ourselves. Unlike the 2004 film, The Butterfly Effect, we can’t travel through time via pictures or journals. We can make a better future for ourselves. I suggest we see each new day as the beginning of new experiences and opportunities.

Life gets better.

After we’ve analyzed all our thoughts and actions, we need to know life gets better. The stress will come and go, the wins will happen, the losses become lessons (and help you make your stories stronger). We have to be tenacious when opportunities present themselves so that our future can be fruitful. I am proud of you no matter what. Please continue to be a great person and strive to do more.

We want you to remember Little “Red” to keep our heart strong and smile big.


Your Older Self.

So who do you need to be now? What does your younger self (family members, mentees, students etc) need now?

Nobody has life all the way figured out but we’re all just trying to get to the place of our dreams and professional life each step of the way.

-Stay Up, Stay Dominant.