Introducing —Cementimental

Everything is pseudo-random or spontaneous but it’s possible I subconsciously encoded some mysteries in there.

Recently I expanded the technique behind the book into motion, using the very esoteric obsolete After Effects plugin ‘Time Blend FX’ to render feedback loops. Here’s a compilation of some of the results so far; I’ve done a lot more of this stuff but much of it is so detailed and stroboscopic it defies youtube compression algorithms:

I perform and record with home-made instruments, guitar pedals, matrix mixers, junk

Originally I’m from Newcastle via Newport and now living in London. I am an animator, and have also been doing circuit-bending, harsh noise and rough music since 2000AD. My main projects are Cementimental and, in more recent years, Isn’tses — an audiovisual performance collaboration with Listen Lisse/Nnja Riot

Isn’tses @ Woodland Gathering 2017
Cementimental Noise Book Available Now

More from Cementimental and Isn’tses

Get your copy of the Cementimental Noisebook here



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