Introducing — submillimetre (_mm)

Introducing Teo Tudorica AKA submillimetre — Visual industrialist and graphic designer from Timisoara, Romania.

Known for his cold and sometimes sterile work producing exceptional and varied works for record labels and producers such as Subsitenz, Current Value, Critical Music, Imaginary Forces, and Burn The Machine Festival to name a few. He Joins us to talk about his work, inspirations and favorite sci-fi flicks.

I’m Teo Tudorica hailing from Timisoara, Romania. I come from an architecture and industrial design background… and I’m color blind.

I mostly take my formal inspiration from abstract fields like mathematics or astrophysics, but also from more concrete ones like anatomy. The way I work supposes that one needs a strong idea first and secondly trying to keep all visuals minimalist in tone and style. That’s why wonderful constructs like Ulam’s spiral or Langton’s ant help my graphic approach and also allow me to delve into generative shapes and geometries.

I can say that I’ve done them all at one point or another (Mediums). I started with a lot of hand drawing back in high school. I’ve played a lot with charcoal, ink, water colours and, for a short while, serigraphy. I learned PS and 3DSMAX in university and I must admit that I am still hopelessly captivated by the cold and seemingly sterile purity of digital media. In short: I push buttons in 95% of my work, but everything always starts with a pen-on-paper sketch.

My top five science fictions have to be:
 Alien — The movie of my childhood. A sci-fi-horror masterpiece. District 9 — I actually went to see this movie not knowing a lot about it beforehand and expecting at best another Independence Day. What a surprise! To be honest I hesitated a bit if I should list it here or not because the social critique that underlies the movie could have been narrated in almost any other genre. Well written and full of heart (unlike the more recent Blomkamp productions). Oh, and it has dumb aliens. That always gets a +1 in my book. Moon — Absolutely stunning idea and execution. Incredible acting and imagery. Firefly — The perfect SCI-FI TV show. Well almost… They were only missing Clint Eastwood. Imagine Bill Munny in space! 2001: A Space Odyssey
 I guess this one doesn’t need any more words.

As for musical influences, I must concede that I’m all over the place… anything from doom to techno really. The choice in music is dependent on the type of energy I want to transmit through my artistic output. It usually shows. I hope.

The future ?
 A lot planned, but nothing firmly set in stone yet. One thing is for sure, my website will get a long overdue update (It’s taken12 years to make!)

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