The art of shaping living things

The art of shaping living things
May seem a mightily treacherous ambition.
We build solid scaffolding supports
And selectively direct each transition.

Present an ideal model of high expectation
To be achieved by goals, and goals, and goals.
We sculpt our subjects with unfitting tools 
Flattening protrusions and filling perceived holes.

Convinced that aged elder knows best
Dole out molded pots in which to grow.
We trim the branches that reach too far
Redirecting yearning leaves to simulate balance and flow.

“Nature will take it’s course” they often say,
So why would we think to affect its path?
We craft with presumed superlative wisdom
But what results in the aftermath?

The epitome of beauty, or spoiled potter’s clay?

An assumed symbiosis, or knowledge gone astray?

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