The walls are viscously melting

Drowning in the fetid, festering puddle of my mind
Muddied waters obscure grotesque shapes

Scratching at the ill-fitting and decaying skins
Sickly, leadenly covering my anguished bones

Somewhere a part of my consciousness is eternally screaming
Not always at the forefront
Sometimes moaning, growling, guttering yowling
But when it draws stronger
My marrow shudders aggressively 
As if needles dripping acid
Touch their tips into all surfaces

The walls are viscously melting
Filling lungs already restricted
Thoughts restlessly frantic twist
Sordid serpents wreaking wrath

Lips sealed in resigned resolution
Move through routine avenues of vortexing people
Whose proximity tears off shreds of my essence
Leaving scant remnants of faltering twilight

Darkness like dew clutches to every bit of scenery
In a maze of blight and entropy

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