35 Degree Below Socks —Warm Winter Socks for Men and Women

35 Below Sock are comfortable warm winter socks for men and women, no sweat and breathable, ideal for walking, running, shoveling snow, inside house and daily activity.

35 Below Socks FEATURES

  • 35 Degree Below Socks is not a battery powered winter socks, its reflect your body heat and keep your feet warm in cold weather.
  • The material made from aluminized threads and woven into a fine knit fabric that is feels soft when touch.
  • 35 Below Socks are thin enough when they wear underneath your regular socks but they durable enough to wear alone right to you boots, shoes, high heels, and slippers.
  • Th fabric is lightweight and also flexible, the material will keeps the temperature just right, not to hot not cold.
  • 35 Degree Below Socks are washable by washing machine and dryer safe too.
  • They great, fit and comfortable for men, women, and even your children.

What is 35 Degree Below Socks made from ?

35 DEGREE BELOW SOCKS are made from super soft aluminized threads, they woven into a breathable fine nylon knit fabric which able to reflects your natural body heat, minimizing perspiration and moisture in order to keep your feet stay comfortable, warm, and dry !

Where to Get 35 Degree Below Socks ?

Official Website (for US and Canada Only)
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