Follow Me: Social Media Perspectives — Episode 1 with Kat Loughrey

I’m so pleased to share my new video podcast with you all.

I’m always having such great conversations with people about social and content. I find new stories and perspectives so refreshing and inspiring so I’ve started my own podcast to capture them.

Follow Me: Social Media Perspectives will feature a different guest each time to share their insights into their niche, how they create content, how they use social and what the future might hold.

My first episode is live now on my YouTube channel. It was a total pleasure to have Kat Loughrey join me to talk about content and social in her work, the startup scene in Berlin and freelancing. Check it out and subscribe for future episodes:

Why do they always pick the worst screenshot?!

Kat helps startups and creative businesses revamp their brand online, create meaningful content and grow their community authentically. She is based in Berlin and took the leap to freelancing two years ago. She’s working with CloudPeeps, Freelance Friday and more. Catch her in the Buffer, NomadList and Berlin Startup Slack communities, CloudPeeps and Freelance Friday FB Groups, or just contact her directly via her website or Twitter.

When I’m not recording, editing and launching my brand new video podcast, I create content and work on social media management and strategy with startups and SMEs. You can follow me on Medium or Twitter.

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