What is the story behind the bang operator?
Nick Curry

If you are happy with the bang operator, that’s fine. The main drawback is that it is one of the first and major bumps for beginners in learning Elm.

The main reasons I think some people are avoiding it are:

  1. With the strange ! infix-notation, it is not very intuitive to beginners. And it is hard to google for. It was one off the first questions I had when I started with Elm (see here over on SO). And still the question pops up every now and then.
  2. In general, Elm seems to be be getting more selective in using infix operators like the bang. In 0.18, the “backtick” notation to turn any function into an infix was removed. Also, I think 0.18 has become more restrictive in special symbols you can use for function names. The pipes will stay I guess.
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