Winwinwin Project : Sacred Non-Fungible Token

Jones A. David and Yavapolkul Navin

August 15, 2021

The $1.25 billion Thai Sacred amulet market is an extremely liquid one, with tens of thousands of buyers and sellers flooding the market. But the industry has many problems including a plethora of fake amulets…

2021 Q1 Inception

  1. The team was assembled.
  2. strategic partnerships acquired.
  3. Company registered.
  4. Funding proposal written for
  5. “pre-seed” sale.

2021 Q2 Resource Evaluation

  1. Negotiating partnerships.
  2. “Pre-seed” private sale completed.
  3. Initial concept and first board meeting.
  4. White Paper.

2021 Q3 Build Community

  1. Website launched.
  2. UX defined: Phase 1.
  3. WwinD1 dummv token distributed.
  4. Marketing Campaign: introduction.
  5. Stable Bath partnership finalized.(TBA)
  6. Public Presale completed.
  7. Initial Moon Offering completed.
  8. Public Offering on Dex.
  9. Stable Bath released.(TBA)

2021 Q4 PR Event grand opening

  1. UI finalized: Phase 1
  2. Sacred NFT Platform
  3. Audit
  4. Listed on CMC and CG
  5. Hidden Projects

2022 Q1 Expansion I

  1. Enhanced UX/Ul: Phase 2
  2. Entrusted Merit Maker (EMM)
  3. Exclusive Benefit for top tier Wwin
  4. Holder (TRA)
  5. Charitv Proiects (TBA)

2022 Q2 Expansion II

  1. Hidden stable bath
  2. Partnerships: Phase 2

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