I’ve been thinking about digital identity a lot lately particularly as it relates to doctoral…

Hey Leigh.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m having the members of our PLC also post their ideas/thoughts here in this pub as well. I definitely agree with your thinking about sustainability across the program.

My/our hope is to test drive a small pilot of students in one program (elementary ed) in my instance to see what results we get. If it works…we’ll bring it to the whole program and/or department.

My goal this spring is to start up with the initial test group and then the hardest thing will be making the leap from the class that I’m running…to the very next class in the next semester. I was originally focusing on making it run across the whole program…now I’m trying to think of small, achievable goals.

Finally…we just met as a committee. We’re pursuing/purchasing 20 domains through Reclaim to run the pilot. We’ll also start building a template to use in this project. We’ll share that template out for feedback…and for you to use. :)