This quote, “ I often talk with my colleagues about the need for “us” to publicly engage online.”

Hi Leigh! :)

I definitely agree. I think it’s a tougher/broader discussion that might start with “systems”.

There needs to be (IMHO) a larger discussion about identity and permanence in online spaces. I think we need to have this in our local and global societies. We need to make sure that people are protected, and not penalized if they slip up, say something stupid, or change their mind about something.

I think we also need discussions about this in academia/education/higher ed. There is not a lot of agreement…and most of it is possibly negatively slanted against being public online. The current system, all of the way up to the tenure process is set up to not permit, or not recognize these activities.

I think we need people that are actively doing it (being digitally agile) to keep doing it. We need more people to recognize and question what we’re doing, and possibly want to do it as well. I then hope we’re just in between two models…and at some point this type of activity will be accepted and perhaps valued.

…or I might be totally wrong and change my mind later. ;)

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