I think this is a great project and one that we seriously need to get addressed.

Hi Leigh. Thanks for your thoughtful feedback. :)

I’m investigating Teachable and Teachery, but I’ll also build up my own space using WordPress and other tools. It’ll be a bigger headache…but then I’ll know that I’m in control of it.

I may also load the content to Teachable or Teachery and see what works better, but most of my time has been investigating URLs, plugins, etc.

I’m also (possibly) steering away from the two platforms I mentioned earlier for the reasons you noted. I’m also trying to figure out a way to offer classes on the platform…but also invite colleagues who are experts in the field to also teach classes on the platform. I have some expertise…but I think there is a tremendous amount of value in inviting in a group of experts to collaboratively build and mentor educators.

I’ve been holding this close to the vest…but that’s what I’m hoping to ultimately build up. The main problem with that is we’ll need to identify a business model that works, and allows us to grow and support learners.

As a side note…you’re one of the people that I’ve got on the radar to join this mastermind group when we’ve got it up and running. That is if you’re interested. :)

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