Foreseeing Environmental Collapse On America’s West Coast
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I really love Bigmore’s motivation here. I’m a PNW native (though currently an expat), and the theme—in-country migration due to climate change—is a huge, fascinating, and serious topic. I hope he partners up with a journalist and they stick to this subject for a while.

I mention “journalist” because there’s a lack of storytelling here. The interview fails to do it. Every question should have centered around that somehow, like:

Did you talk to these people about climate change and the potential for mass emigration of Californians northward? What did they think?

Instead, the interview quickly turned to the perfunctory ho-hum routine: What’s your inspiration? What’s your style? What’s your wish?… Opportunity lost for something more cohesive and powerful here. I don’t blame Emily. The lack of craft falls on the editors of Vantage and Polarr, who should have taken control of this story better.

And you’re wasting photo captions as an element of storytelling. He’s talking about people he’s met, places he’s seen, etc. So who are we looking at? Where are they? What do they do? And what regions is that slope of evergreen trees? Etc. Need to do a little research for it? Do it! No need to be exhaustive, but some insights help tell the story, bring us into Carl’s journey and path, connects what he’s saying with what we’re seeing.

For example, I’ll assume the man in the Rolling Stones tee-shirt is Mike, even though no direct connection is made there. A humane caption to use that holds to the major theme could have been:

Mike, in Sweet Home, Oregon, full of spaghetti and meatballs and about to play guitar. He would prefer the Calfornians moved east when the shit hits the fan. (Image courtesy of Carl Bigmore and INSTITUTE.)
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