we need to act with unprecedented boldness at rapid speeds.
2080 and your baby…
Alex Steffen

Yet we aren’t. The Paris agreements were a joke. Suits slapped each other on the backs afterward with martinis in hand, happy that their feigned commitments to cutting back CO2 were enough to fool the media and Joe Numbskulls. But it’s just bullshit on the books. Business as usual. Denialists, puddle-stompers, and feet-draggers are more prevalent in politics than ever before.

And, seemingly, within 5 years, at the current rate of global CO2 emissions, we’ll have passed the point of being able to keep the Earth’s temperature under the critical 2°C that the blowhard COP21 officials we’re so showy about being concerned for.

Five years!

Probably sooner because the world’s getting hotter faster than scientists even expected, exponentially worse as the planet’s ice and permafrost melts.

Meanwhile countries like Australia and the UK are dismantling their environmental committees and agendas, because, you know, climate is not important; certainly not pressing.

The unprecedented global mobilization and coordination needed across governments to stave off a difficult future for humanity (to say nothing for the other poor creatures of this world that we’re rapidly sacrificing ahead of us) isn’t going to happen by any realistic look at the map.

But you’re right, humanity needs to consider longer intervals of time and space. As individuals, we need to think beyond retirement and outside of our own communities. Nature knows no borders and does not sit still.

Maybe the best we can do now is tell our children not to bring new babies into this world that will only have to face the coming, irreversable hardships. The stuff of nightmares. The human population is an invasive burden on the planet anyway, getting us into this pickle. It will take a reduction to get us out.

Factor in the zealotry of religion on one side and the domino effects of resource loss on the other (pollinators, fish, forests… WATER) and it’s pretty easy to see we’re screwed. Humanity may survive, but most of humanity probably won’t (#6).

It should not have to be this way, but I’m not optimistic under today’s political clown shows, and every big country suffers from one.

I nearly think we need a global Federation with authority to steer planetary health above the policies of individual governments and the corruption of international organizations. Or at least a fleet of Starships to get a last-ditch mixed colony of alphas to Proxima B.

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