14th blog post: Investor feedback

To be honest I was not 100% mentally prepared for the investors pitch. I prepared for what I was going to say in each slides but once I saw the investors’ faces and everybody else’s, I started making things up behind to podium. It is also my weak point to explain things in technical terms. As I told Mr. Mike in class that my our group should add one or two more slides introducing about who we are carefully since the investors may not fully understand what is an EMR, that is our big miss. Another point is that we should practice our pitch more before the real day since practice makes perfect. It is obvious that our presentation transitions are not seamless from the real pitching day.

The feedbacks from the investors are extremely useful, even though scores from each investor may varied but they can tell us different expectations each investors have from us. For our group, a clear catchy introduction is needed. For the other groups, investors had praised on their introductions which can be keys to a successful pitch. Timing is should also be noted down as another important point. Investors would be likely to lost their interests after ten minutes of pitching. For our group, only important financial model information has to be extracted since too much details on the spreadsheet are unnecessary and would be a waste of time.

Overall investor’s feedbacks are the gifts for all of us to improve our business model and pitches.