First blog post: The fifth course

Coming here to Case Western Reserve University as an exchange student, I was planning to take easy courses on purpose so that I can have enough time to focus on my senior project. But on the other hand I wanted to explore interesting courses other than engineering’s since I have been doing those for three years. So here we go, I am attending this ENTP 311 class hoping that it may change my engineering mindset and benefit my future career.

This entrepreneurship class tends to focus on startups company examples: what can we learn from their lessons and the core values of the company. Fortunately I used to work in a Thai startup company called ‘Seekster’ where you seek variety of services through an online platform. So I knew that the so called startup life does not look fancy as it is in the movie. We were working in a small room and throwing ideas to each others which may or may not work. But the good thing is that we have the freedom to share our ideas and opinions without being discouraged.

As I listened to a TED talk as a homework during my breakfast time, the main concept that a speaker emphasized is that people are interested in the story behind the product rather than what can this product do and I totally agree with that. As a consumer I tend to buy products with stories behind them than the ones that do not (only if those stories are interesting enough or focus on environmental friendliness). But at the same time this method does not work with every product for example, post-it note as we had discussed in class. I personally think that the ‘story behind’ method tends to does not work with products with low price like erasers or notebooks.

Apple is a great example of creating value to their products with the ‘why’. Well I am a big Apple’s fan here and I can say that they did an excellent job in marketing their product in the most simple way, telling how I can accomplish more with their devices. I believed in their message and I found it true (at least for me) that I can get more things done in a shorter period of time using mac, iphone, or an ipad. Basically the Apple’s product makes me feel good about myself. Most people wants to be more productive so that they can feel good about themselves. That is why Apple company has such a big customer base worldwide. Their messages have been communicated clearly and efficiently throughout the world.

I do not completely agree with starting from ‘why’ to ‘what’ method. For me, it always started with ‘what’ then I would try to come up with a ‘why’ later on. For example I would think ‘what can we do to improve our classroom’, then my second thought would be ‘why do we have to improve our classroom’. My thinking method would go this way. This is just to prove that starting from why may not work with everyone.