Third blog post: team forming

Here comes the time for forming a startup team group. Luckily I found a startup team who’s idea is very interesting for me personally. I can definitely learn more from my group member and especially from the pitcher who has a strong passion for his idea himself. For the initial phases of working with my startup team, we try to gather ideas as much as we could but we have not complete our business model canvas yet, so our thoughts are not structured. I believe that after finishing the business model canvas we can work toward our goals in a precise details.

Shannon were discussing with us about her experience working in Flashstarts. Talking about how the company help small startups accelerate and have enough funds for their goals. She also discuss about uncertainty in startup industry, it’s common to change and adjust the goals while we are working to achieve them. For example you might want to open a restaurant and sell food but ended up as doing delivery express because you found out that there is a big opportunity for the niche market. She also explain each sections of the business model canvas in details. But I still have not much idea what to write in some section of the canvas, for example the value preposition.

I’m looking forward to learn more contents in the class and have more discussion with my group.