Mastering MarTech: The Modern Marketers Quest for MarTech ROI

Wipro Digital
Jul 9, 2018 · 2 min read
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Originally published on “MarTechAdvisor

by Andy Coghlan
Global Head of MarTech & eCommerce

Though considered a boon for the marketing community, the constantly changing MarTech landscape is arguably giving nightmares to modern marketers as the volume and diversity of tools and technologies coming up can be overwhelming.

Wipro Digital recently released a new study that indicates the growing importance of MarTech-related skills for marketing teams across the U.S. and U.K. The study indicated that despite the emphasis on MarTech expertise, many marketing departments are struggling to reap the full potential of their investment and deliver expected ROI. While the survey found that most marketers are confident in their own MarTech proficiency, they are concerned with their team’s ability to execute and deliver results from their MarTech investments. The study further indicates the growing importance of MarTech-related skills and the barriers to fitting MarTech into the larger digital transformation picture. So, how are CMOs going to bridge this disconnect? Our exclusive QuickTech Infographic version of the Wipro Digital study summarizes the key findings and makes it easy to get your key takeaways at a glance.

But before that, here is what Andy Coghlan, Global Business Head of MarTech & eCommerce Transformation at Wipro Digital had to say about the evolution of Martech and how modern marketers could master and leverage it.

“In today’s rapidly-evolving digital economy, successful CMOs and marketing professionals must have a strong grasp of the uses and benefits of marketing technologies and the know-how to integrate new tools in such a way that they create hyper-personalized and accessible experiences for consumers. Increasingly, CMOs who fail to demonstrate a proficiency in martech and the new strategies they enable (and require), will see their marketing teams fail to deliver bottom line results relative to their competitors. Smart marketers know that technologies are not a panacea; rather, they are powerful tools that require diligence and a thoughtful strategy in order to be used effectively. But when used effectively, the results are astonishing — perhaps that’s why the number of martech companies has ballooned from a few handfuls a decade ago to more than 7,000 today.”

Dive right into the findings of the study in this visual graphic to discover what it would take for marketers to fit martech in to the larger enterprise wide digital transformation program.

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