How Properly Recycling Materials Can Result In…Your New Home?

Redd Angelo/Unsplash

Here at Wirana, our goal is to properly recycle ships and to encourage green shipping and other ways to be properly helping our environment when it comes to the shipping industry. Since we do deal with cargo ships, it’s cool to see where cargo ship materials are recycled as well. The most recent trend we’ve noticed is…drumroll, please…creating a home out of cargo shipping containers. No, we are not kidding.

Last month The New York Times did an in-depth feature on these energy efficient homes, and other news outlets have been picking up the story as well. They are in fact tiny homes made out of cargo shipping containers — some keeping the original form of the container’s exterior, others’ getting creative with the outside look. Plus, the inside of these little houses are so cozy looking, we kind of want to hop onto the trend ourselves.

These containers actually go for a few hundred dollars, which is a very cheap way to start setting up a new home. It certainly makes constructing a new house easier and incredibly affordable instead of starting from scratch. Plus, it’s extremely environmentally friendly (since your house’s walls are made of an entirely recycled product), making your sustainable living and your carbon footprint the stuff of dreams.

Can’t afford to create a new home? Luckily some people are catching on to the trend and actually creating shipping container homes and duplexes that people can now rent out. If you’re living in Texas, you may want to consider checking one out for your next apartment.

If you’re in a city, you may also see a few cargo containers being used as building additions. One container was even used in Brooklyn, New York as a rooftop addition for a building.

Now what does this have to do with green shipping and recycling? Well, everything. It means that you can actually help make a difference in the process of green ship recycling by helping us properly recycle these materials. Instead of breaking down materials or filling up landfills, you can make a difference in green ship recycling by creating a home out of the materials that we work with. Sure, it’s a huge leap of faith to live in a cargo shipping box, but let’s be honest…these houses are cozy, chic, affordable, and sustainable beyond belief. What more could you want when trying to save the world?