Meeting of the Minds — Green Shipping

Courtesy European Business Review

At last year’s Green Shipping Summit (GSS), the themes were collaboration, energy, and building the road towards a green shipping industry. The summit was in October, in Rotterdam, one of the world’s busiest ports. This year, the conference is back for its second iteration. Once again, it’s being held in October, also in Rotterdam.

Conferences that bring together participants across an entire industry are vital for making sustainability efforts work. Shipping involves a number of different actors, and greening the shipping industry requires all of their collaboration.

Nate Springer, a manager at the nonprofit BSR, helps companies and industries become more environmentally friendly. He has worked with a large number of shipping organizations. He says we need collaboration to make shipping green because: “Freight movement is the lifeblood of global supply chains” and “alignment and standardization [are] impossible for any single company.” Solutions are strongest when they come from multiple directions.

The Green Shipping Summit in October will feature the likes of Diane Gilpin, the CEO of Smart Green Shipping Alliance; Axel Mattern, the CEO at Port of Hamburg; and decision makers from Shell including Key Account Manager Marcel van den Berg. Over forty speakers will be tackling the challenges, ins and outs, and promises of green shipping. There is sure to be a lot of cross pollination with progress made for shipping energy, recycling, and regulation.

Similar conferences have more specific focus. For example, last month’s GREEN4SEA Conference concentrated on regulatory measures, especially as related to fuel and emissions. There are also trade shows and expos to bring the latest technologies to the public, like the Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo and Conference coming up in June in the city of Amsterdam. These meetings address specific challenges facing the green shipping industry.

It is a good sign that the industry is so busy with events and conferences. It shows that the demand for a more green shipping industry is being met with collaboration, care, and partnership. We plan to stay abreast of the developments discussed at these events, and we will include important news in the rest of our blog series.