Could RESIST be Stronger Together?

Be aware that to many people it is very difficult to do anything else but reacting, at the moment. If you were a US Visa holder who may no longer be able to travel for work, how would you feel right now? What if you could travel, but your country could make the list anytime, so you no longer feel safe? If you were one of the scientists who may no longer speak publicly about their research, how would you feel? If you were an activist who gets detained at the border and questioned about their activism, for the first time in your life, how would you feel?

You seem to imply that people are resisting for the sake of it. Perhaps you are referring to people who are in a privileged position like yourself?

You also seem to imply that nothing is being done besides reacting/resisting, when:

1) People are donating to organizations like ACLU and Planned Parenthood more than ever.

2) When the most powerful government in the World is actively ridiculing the media, people are subscribing to the New York Times and the Washington Post more than ever in their history.

3) Those who cannot go out much, like me, are going into public forums and social media educating people about the real consequences of the government’s executive orders. I ignore the first “libtard” and “snowflake.” I apologize if my attempt at politely explaining something has offended anyone. And I continue. I keep explaining, among other things, that Trump’s executive order on immigration has no precedent in the First World. That what Obama did was very different. Etc.

4) Some people are giving away their expensive hours and legal expertise to help immigrants and scientists affected.

Yet you seem to be focusing on some vocal groups, which despite being often extreme, are in part to thank for prompting others to actively help.

Perhaps you could be of better service by doing some research and showing those real actions? What do you think?