Yeah, read your response.
Pauly B

Thanks for your answer Paul.

My intention was not to tell you how to think. You said that many liberals resort to personal attacks, and I was pointing out that others have genuine arguments. My way of pointing that out was laying out my own genuine arguments for you. I would not expect you to agree with those arguments, and in my view you’re totally free to destroy them, refute them, question them, or simply ignore them.

Like you, I am strongly against personal attacks, against torching campuses or torching anything else, against violence, and against calling people “deplorable,” “libtard,” or any other insult.

So if your experience has been bad enough for you to avoid any kind of discussion, civil or otherwise, at least you may find comfort in knowing that many of “us” also value polite non-insulting non-violent conversation :)

Have a nice evening!