When your argument sucks, all you’ve got is smear and slander. That’s why they “play the man”.
Pauly B

You may be only focusing on groups of people who resort to insults. I recommend that you take a break from that and listen to real arguments. I can assure you that the arguments against Trump’s administration and actions do not “suck.”

Trump’s executive order on immigration revoked visas of tens of thousands legal US Visa holders (Fox News source). Those are people who spent months or even years being vetted and interviewed before granted one. Many of them are international students, tech workers, professors, scientists, doctors, etc (NYT details). Many of them have families in the US and have lived in the US for years.

Be aware that if your visa is revoked, you are no longer allowed to work or finish your degree, and you must make plans to leave the US. Even if that is fixed so that only travel is prevented, many important jobs require frequent travels, so researchers and tech workers for example, become effectively unemployable.

The Trump administration has made the US, for the first time in history, no longer a safe place to host international events (By the way, what Obama did with the VWP was much milder, as it has been pointed out thousands of times). Moreover, bright international students are being advised to not apply to US universities, for fear that immigration is suddenly barred from other countries without notice. This is likely to severely affect universities, tech companies, the tourism industry, among others.

This is just one of the good arguments against Trump’s populist fear-based policies. This same populism has in the past been disastrous for other countries. That is not necessarily a strong argument, but it is nonetheless something to watch for. See for example:

Finally, it may reassure to know that even if some people are unable to throw anything other than insults at Trump’s administration, this is unlikely to affect them. Not only is he the most powerful man in the World. His party also completely controls two branches of the government. So you may as well join the reasonable critical crowd and help Trump’s team become accountable for its actions. What do you think?