Undiscovered Story “The Learn and Earn” Blockchain Trivia Game

Maria Da Penha by Camila Rosa

A Hybrid blockchain game built for mass adoption that is easy enough for a grandma or mom to play with her grandchildren or children.

The Undiscovered Story “Learn & Earn” Trivia Game will educate players on cross disciplinary innovators, creators and entrepreneurs who made positive contributions to their professions and society at large.

It is a game that celebrates the past and present achievements of Girls and Women from every continent catalyzing social impact through digital gaming.
Though the game itself does not teach cryptocurrency usage, using the game affords that opportunity.
By playing the game the participants will be able to easily manage their crypto currency and thus will become part of the cryptocurrency economy.

When participants answer questions incorrectly they will contribute to social good through the the games UDGT utility tokens (converted to local $USD fiat) being donated to vetted Girls or Women led initiatives or startups.

Incorrect answers also present a dual learning opportunity, through learning the name of a Undiscovered Story figures as well as learning about the Girls & Women led initiatives that funds are being donated to.

High Fidelity Game Prototype Screen

As the marketplace for distributed ledgers like Blockchain matures, many of the commercial products and services these technologies enable are suffering from ineffective and overly complicated on-boarding procedures that negatively impact customer acquisition and retention.

Unless these products are easy to use, demonstrate clear value and provide accountability, transparency and trust, mass adoption will not happen.

“The problem with many blockchain projects is that they have raised millions of dollars and have failed to ship a product, any product. The companies that have shipped products, have mostly shipped products that are not easy for the average consumer to use and are not designed for mass adoption.
The other problem is that girls and women have been largely ignored in the blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and in the casual gaming space, although they have contributed largely to some of the greatest innovations in world history and represent up to 60% of casual gamers.
The Undiscovered Story game will remedy this situation ”
— WIRD Co-founder Gregory Kennedy.
Source: Cryptocurrencies Working Products

Source: Getty Images

Mobile Casual Gamers Are 200 Million Strong but Largely Ignored. As of March 2018, mobile games (which are largely casual) brought in $50 billion in annual revenue, $10 billion more than Hollywood’s global box office.

Source: eMarketer

Women are now the most valuable players in this category — they play more and pay more, representing 60 percent of all mobile gamers. Source: Adweek

Launching April 2019!

During the initial one month Beta Test Release of the game users will be limited to 20 Questions per 24 Hour period, with more questions and features being added after the Beta Test Release and scaling up of the user base.


Players receive 1 UDGT for each correct answer and lose 1 UDGT for incorrect answers.

All tokens from incorrect answers will be donated to vetted Girls & Women led initiatives & startups.

Players can also purchase UDGT game tokens. One UDGT (1) token costs $0.15 fifteen USD cents each.

$0.05C five USD cents from every token purchase will be donated to vetted Girls & Women led initiatives & startups.

Players and Advertisers win! Players who *OPT-IN will earn 3 UDGT for offering a constructive comment on a partner ad end screen.

Advertisers do not win when people skip viewing or listening to their ads. The Advertiser *OPT-IN (based on WIRD´s GPPP-Get Peoples Permission Protocol idea) is a permission based advertising strategy.

“Advertisers will also be able to easily pay for ad space through purchasing UDGT tokens”

Advertisers win by having assurance their media has been viewed by a person (not a bot). They also win by collecting genuine feedback from a person who has genuinely accepted the terms to view the advertisement. The entire eco-system wins.

Advertising OPT-IN screen #2 example

The ads will feature a comment bar. If you view the graphic or video ad and offer a constructive comment (I liked or did not like the graphic or video because?, it would be better if the advertiser?) you will receive UDGT tokens.

Advertising constructive comment screen #3 example



Weekly and Monthly Bonus Pools


  • Monthly Country High Score Bonus Pool — 30,000 UDGT.
  • Weekly Random High Score Bonus pool — 15,000 UDGT.
  • Weekly Random Bonus Pool — 15,000 UDGT.
  • Weekly Girls or Women led initiative or startup Pool — 10,000 UDGT.

The Undiscovered Story Game is built as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) utilizing React.JS and Node.JS.

Firebase (Google) 
Undiscovered Story Game uses Google´s Firebase for real time from client to server or server to client data transfer, which allows us to create a database with real time communication, and scalability on the fly.

Utilizing a NoSQL database allows us to create any field (assign value) at any point without destroying the structure or functionality.

Having a combination of a Progressive Web App (PWA) and Firebase allows non-breakable communication between servers and clients.

Hybrid Blockchain Game Development for Secure and Scalable Mass Adoption we developed in house consists of.

  • Two (2) instantly scalable CDN cloud based servers running simultaneously.
  • One (1) “offchain” Google / Firebase database.
  • One (1) “on chain” linux server running Mongo.db and Node.js built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) where we have deployed our Stellar´s Blockchain Smart Contract API and where all Stellar Smart Contract API calls are being served.

Our hydrid setup allows us to take advantage of the secure and lightning fast payment and accounting benefits of the Stellar Blockchain and smart contract API system and rollout additional feature upgrades offchain on the Firebase server) without affecting the “on chain” smart contract functionality or security.

Nothing is lost if you are disconnected from a server.

All “off-chain” gameplay related, point accumilation and reward action you have done offline while playing the game is instantly updated as soon as there is an internet connection available.


  • Created an EC2 instance
  • Installed Ubuntu
  • Configured Mongo.db
  • Configured Node.JS


The Undiscovered Story smart contracts are built on the Stellar blockchain as well as the (UDGT) gameplay tokens that are Stellar XLM based tokens.

MARCH 2019 News! IBM has created a real-time, global payments network to support cross-border transactions and foreign exchange in more than 50 countries using cryptocurrencies and “stable coins.”

Using the Stellar protocol and XLM based tokens, IBM´s World Wire serves as a network provider for international payments, enabling point-to-point money transfers

“We’ve created a new type of payment network that is unique in the sense that it streamlines the ability of businesses and consumers to move money around the world in real time. This enables improved transparency without sacrificing the regulatory controls and policies we need in order to make sure that there aren’t bad actors in the system. We are convening a brand new network in 72 countries that will support pay-in and payout end points in 48 currencies,” Jesse Lund, head of IBM Blockchain, told me during a detailed podcast interview.”.

Stellar was also the first blockchain to receive Sharia Certification, which could help its international footing through 2018.

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people.

The Undiscovered Story game Stellar Blockchain Architecture we designed in house.

Undiscovered Story game Github code repository. Our PWA portion of the code is open sourced with our Smart Contract Code being proprietary.

The Undiscovered Story Token was deployed on the Stellar Blockchain Testnet on March 15th, 2019.


Libertas (Liberty)

Aequitas (Equality)

Veritas (Truth)



The WIRD (Wild Idea Reseach and Devlopment team is comprised of thought leaders and experts with decades of global experience collaborating on social, environmental and infrastructure projects.

For the past 15 years+ the team has produced film, television and digital first programming for Hollywood’s leading studios, created mobile games and blockchain apps, won numerous awards for narrative design in virtual reality and emerging technology platforms and have worked with and spoken to a vast range of creative professionals, civic leaders (Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Jane Goodall to name a few) and entrepreneurs at the United Nations, Stanford University, Google HQ and more.