Delete for everyone

Have you ever sent a wrong message or a photo to the the wrong chat? On Wire, that’s no longer cause for stress. We’ve just added “delete for everyone” function that deletes the message, photo, video message, etc. from all receiving devices.

You now have a choice:

  • Delete for Me – This removes the message from your device(s). It’s great if you want to clear out blinking GIFs or memes that were funny 15 minutes ago.
  • Delete for Everyone – Removes the message from your device(s) and from the person’s device you sent the message to. Wire will display a “message deleted” placeholder instead. It also works in group chats.

You can delete other people’s messages but only from your own device(s).

One thing to keep in mind — we can only delete the message for everyone if they are on the latest Wire version and if their device is online.

Edit those pesky typos

Typos happen, that’s a fact. Some people are not bohtered by them. For everyone else there’s now edit message functionality.

Long tap on any message to open the edit view, fix the typo and you’re done.

Delete for everyone is available on iOS, Android and Wire for desktop and web.

As always, we’re @wire on Twitter and would love to hear your feedback.

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