It’s all in Wire—now with screen sharing.

Summer is finally here in Berlin! 😎 We are trying to take a much-needed break for relaxation and fun at the beach, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the requests pouring in for new Wire features. Today we are ready to share our latest star with you… 🌟

Hot on the heels of audio filters, larger emoji and location sharing, we looked into building something more related to experience sharing, collaboration and working on new ideas together. So without further ado — today we are happy to announce screen sharing for Wire desktop, making your communication experience even more complete.

“With screen sharing, it is now all in one — all in Wire.”

During Wire call or video call, you can now share your screen to show your Mom the shoes you were about to buy online, or help your brother sign in to that complicated WiFi router. Or maybe create a last minute presentation with your classmates (because Wire screen sharing is so great that it also works in group chats!). Isn’t that just awesome?

And, of course, as with any other kind of communication—everything in Wire is end-to-end encrypted, including screen sharing. To our knowledge, Wire is the very first secure messaging app to include this as a feature.

As always, we are looking forward to all of your feedback, ideas and comments on this new and exciting feature. Head over to @wire on Twitter or our customer support site to drop us a note.

Keep on sharing!