Top 10 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins To Get Higher Rank in 2016

WordPress is the most popular and SEO optimized content management system for any personal or business website. Every year, all the giant search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex, are changing their search algorithm to offer quality and targeted content to the users. So if you want to get more organic traffic from the search engine, you have to follow the changing SEO rules to optimize your site content.

There are lots of WordPress SEO Plugins available in the WordPress repository. Which help and guide you to implement all those changing SEO rules for your blog content. But to choose the right one seems difficult for the new bloggers. Here, I will be showing some best WordPress SEO Plugins, which will help you to optimize your content, find out the technical SEO issues. And subsequently, that will ensure the best user experience.

Yoast SEO

This plugin performs out of the box, and it’s one of the best and top rated WordPress SEO plugin. It helps the blogger to focus on the main keyword while creating content. Moreover, it offers social media optimization by providing facebook open graph, twitter meta tag, and google authorship for the content.

Important Features

  • Helps to write quality content by focusing keyword into title, meta description and content itself
  • Page analysis helps to get information about missing keyword from the title, meta description, subheadings, etc
  • Helps the blogger to identify missing image alt tag
  • Can create XML sitemap for the search engine
  • Offers RSS optimization and Breadcrumbs customization
  • Comes with social optimization like facebook open graph and google sharing tag

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All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is the most downloaded SEO plugin in the WordPress Repository. More than 12 million active users are using with full satisfaction. This plugin help to follow some essential SEO guidelines for the content.

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Important Features

  • Supports XML sitemap
  • It submits the XML sitemap to Google and Bing webmaster automatically
  • Provide inbuilt google analytics support
  • SEO integration support for the e-commerce site
  • Automatically optimize the title and generate Meta tag
  • Simple to use and support modern responsive design

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Google XML Sitemaps

The XML sitemap is one of the important SEO aspects for any site. These sitemaps let know the search engine about any page when first publish. It helps the search engine to crawl the site for better search results. Here Google XML Sitemap helps the blogger or webmaster to create a Sitemap for the blog or site.

Important Features

  • Helps the search engine to easy crawl of any site
  • Let inform the search engine about all the pages of the site
  • Search engine understands site structure easily by following submitted XML sitemaps
  • Supports WordPress custom page or post

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All In One Rich Snippets

This plugin helps to boost click through rate by showing important information of the post on the search result. This is basically a short description of the post about reviews, ratings, price, photos, authors and so on. It supports all kind of content and works nicely with google, yahoo, bing and sometimes facebook.

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Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Sometimes you may want to give special credit to any outside link that time you can use this plugin. This plugin helps you to use rel=”nofollow” attribute on the content link.

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SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate plugin is all in one SEO solution for your blog site. This plugin helps you control meta title, meta description, social media open graph, rich snippets and so on.

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Important Features

  • Helps to rewrite or override title tags for post, page, category, post tag and even any custom post type
  • Offers mass edit tools to create new meta description for the post, page, category, etc
  • Help to use nofollow attribute for affiliate marketing
  • Crete internal content link by using specific keywords
  • Integrate open graph metadata into the post
  • Create rich snippets for the search engine to make better search engine ranking
  • Helps to track 404 error page and tweak the permanent link

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WP Sitemap Page

HTML sitemap and XML sitemap are two important SEO factor for any site. These two sitemaps help the search engine to find out all the links to the site. HTML helps to navigate the users about the desired content. This plugin offers an HTML sitemap creation on the site by using the simple shortcode.

Important Features

  • Simple to use
  • Display all pages, posts, tags, categories, and even custom content type
  • Possible to customize through CSS

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SEO Smart Links

This plugin is very powerful and important for the SEO. It makes the keyword linkable inside the content with another page, post, categories, and tags. You can also set the custom keyword to make the internal link. You can use affiliate link into the content by using these keyword smart link. All the link process is totally automatic.

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Broken Link Checker

This plugin helps the webmaster to find out the broken links that hamper the overall SEO and search engine ranking.

Important Features

  • Monitors all the link of your post, page, and any custom type page
  • Helps to find out missing page, image, and redirect
  • It helps to prevent search engine to follow the broken link
  • Broken link can be edited directly through the plugin’s page

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This plugin is all about the site error page. It helps to redirect all sort of error page like 404 errors and manage 301 redirects. To know more about Redirection plugins and process, you can see “Top 5 Redirect and 404 Errors Page Plugins for WordPress”

Important Features

  • Help to manage 301 redirections
  • Keep tracks of all the 404 error page
  • Helps to redirect 404 error page to a new page or post
  • It supports manual and automatic direction of all the error page
  • Provides full logs for all sort of error page
  • Support multi-language

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Over To You

I have listed top 10 best WordPress SEO plugins so that you can choose the right one as per your requirement. You need not use all of them. Rather it will be conflicting if you use more SEO plugins.

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Did you use any of them from this best WordPress SEO Plugins list? Is there any good SEO plugins I have missed to list here? Let me know in the comment below. I will be adding that to this list.

Originally published at on August 31, 2016.

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