What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a communication and marketing tool that can be used to broadcast multimedia information in public places from a screen, a wall of screens or with a video projector.

The screens can show consumers additional information about the products or the services provided.

It’s particularly suitable for retails advertising and for public information in places with passing traffic or where people are waiting. Digital Signage is often used in bakeries, cafes, bars, restaurants; but also in hotels, lobbies, shops, shopping centers, cinemas, gas stations…

It can also be used for the internal communication of a company with screens in meeting rooms or break rooms.

Lately, digital signage is also adopted a lot by advertising agencies that have screens all around a city and resell advertising slots to advertisers for the promotion of their brands. This practice has developed in recent years with the emergence of programmatic.

Due to its flexibility of use and the audiovisual possibilities offered, digital signage systems are used instead of traditional non-media systems such as posters and boards.