High Performance Wire Mesh Belts for Heat Treatment Processes

Industrial and metalworking procedures like heat treating are associated with the alteration of physical as well as chemical properties of materials. Metallurgical and glass manufacturing industries are involved with heat treatment processes.

Heat treatments are performed at extreme temperatures and involve procedures like annealing, tempering, normalizing, precipitation strengthening, case hardening, and quenching.

As the processes require hardening and softening of materials at extreme temperatures, the industrial equipment involved need to be capable of withstanding the same and performing efficiently nonetheless.

Wire meshes are used in most heat treatments.

However, not all wire meshes can survive the conditions in the furnaces during heat treatment.

Wire-Mesh Products is a popular name among the horde of wire-mesh belts and architectural mesh manufacturers.

The products they make, which include wires, flexplates, flights, chains and edges are of the highest quality and are custom made for the specific application they are designed to serve. Their expertise ranges from carbon steel belts, high metal alloy compositions, food processing machinery as well as china equipment.

Coming back to the wire mesh belts meant to be used during heat treatment processes, the belts made by Wire-Mesh Products have an edge over the other varieties of industrial belts made by other manufacturers.

  1. The belts need to be able to track straight which reduces the extra efforts required from the maintenance technicians and installers in aligning and controlling belt movement. The belts should move in the desired path, from beginning to end.
  2. The heat treatment process can cause the belt to carburize. However, the belt should have the inherent property to resist carburization. Belts that are prone to carburization can undergo undesirable changes in their physical and chemical properties that affect their ability to function normally.
  3. Taking into consideration the extreme conditions associated with heat treatment processes, it is imperative for the wire mesh belt to withstand all of them till as long as possible.

For hearth furnaces that are continuous, belt life gets reduced significantly as it is constantly subjected to temperatures of the range of 3600 degree F.

In roller hearth furnaces, belt life is more extended in comparison to open hearth furnaces due to their structure and heating mechanism.

Wire meshes produced by Wire-Mesh Products can last as long as 21 months for open hearth furnaces and up to 5 years for roller hearth furnaces. They also have better resistance to carburization which explains their extended lifespan and enhanced operational efficiency as compared to the other types of industrial belts found in the market.