Internal and External Uses of Architectural Wire Mesh

Wire meshes are increasingly being used by designers and architects all over the world both internally as well as externally. Architectural wire mesh is a highly versatile material unlike stainless steel or galvanized steel mesh which is often used for external uses and finely woven mesh which is used for interior designs.

Welded wire mesh is produced by electronically fusing two wires to make a grid which acts as an alternate for woven wires. This is usually done when mechanical strength is of paramount importance.

PVD coated colored stainless steel architectural wire mesh opens up a number of possibilities in terms of design but at the same time, it makes the surface much harder and scratch-resistant.

Architectural Wire Mesh as a Cladding, Screen, and Thermal Shield

When using architectural wire mesh as an external cladding, it forms a semi-transparent outer layer which acts both as a sun shield and also lowers the heat loss. It also has an aesthetic appeal which it derives from the reflective nature of the stainless steel mesh that is capable of changing its appearance anytime during the day in accordance with the weather conditions.

This feature allows it to create a shimmering metallic effect which however is visible only at certain hours of the day.

At night, the lighting on the wire meshes combines with the color to create breath-taking optical effects.

These days, architectural wire mesh is used with LED lighting to highlight facades and create wonderful displays once the sun goes down.

Architectural wire mesh can be woven into a variety of patterns to achieve different types of texture and varying levels of transparency. This provides the architects a wider range of possibilities to change the design of the cladding according to the building project undertaken.

Apart from this, meshes can be assembled on self-supporting panels which can be curved into a variety of shapes to fit the design of the building.

Architectural Wire Mesh for Interiors

The popularity of metal mesh as an interior design material is rising. This is because of the increasing demand for creating walls which are modular and flexible. Such walls do not require the use of either paint or wallpaper.

Wire mesh is a highly versatile material which can be used for a number of applications including their use as area separators, decorative columns, lift shafts, staircase enclosures and walls allowing HVAC flow.