We’ve all been there. You’re working away on a big project, almost ready to submit your masterpiece, when suddenly everything comes to a screeching halt. Your computer has frozen, and anything you do seems to make it worse. You turn it off manually, hoping autosave will save your life and…

WiRE Microsystems joins IBM in the “Startup with IBM program”

With a great excitement, we announce our acceptance into the ‘Startup with IBM’ program. The program provides us a great opportunity to partner with IBM to make a transformative growth for our business with IBM’s scalable solutions to disrupt the business continuity and data security industry.

By IBM: “Whether you started a business to disrupt an industry or to create meaningful solutions that actually change people’s lives, IBM is here to help you do just that. …

The founder of WiRE Microsystems, Mahmoud Saad, while receiving the award from H. E. Mr. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

We are happy and proud to have WiRE Microsystems selected from among many startup companies, participated in the startup exhibition (Startup Vein) at the World Youth Forum (WYF), to receive the WYF’s valuable award by H. E. Mr. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the president of the Arab republic of Egypt, for our unique system recovery solution, XMACHINE.

There were +30 startup companies from Egypt and different countries around the world participating in the startup exhibition.

WiRE Microsystems partners with AIESEC Global Internship Program

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with AIESEC Global Internship Program through AIESEC Ain-Shams University

AIESEC Global Internship program is Present in over 126 countries and territories and with over 90,000 members, AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization.

Focused on providing a platform for youth leadership development, AIESEC offers…

WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE — Al-Galala

جزء أساسي من تعريفنا #للقيمة في شغلنا مبيشملش فقط كوننا أول شركة تدخل صناعة ال System Disaster Recovery Software في منطقة الشرق الأوسط و #أفريقيا بالكامل، ولا حتى إن منتجنا XMACHINE هو #الأسرع من نوعه في #العالم بحاله جوا الصناعة دي.

جزء من قلب تعريف القيمة عندنا هو إننا نكون…

WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE — Never feel lost again while experiencing any computer’s system crash

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, system admin or an employee who mainly depends on a computer/laptop to get work done, this is exactly what you feel after a computer’s system crash!

Especially if your work is time-sensitive, mission-critical or in case of deadlines and how the whole work flow…

Downtime costs more than just money

If you’re a business owner or an IT manager, then you do know how bloody bad does #Downtime affect reputation, productivity, performance and work flow.

Traditional solutions require #IT call, Task schedule and #Time for response, inspection and taking the proper recovery action.

This is too #Obsolete!

WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE is capable of completely recovering any local machine in a #blink of an Eye !

No further action needed than a single key press & waiting for LITERALLY a single second !

No network access or any external storage required for XMACHINE to perform.

And yes, even in permanent system startup failure and BSOD situations.

Get the industry’s #Fastest #Technology for your business today, Get XMACHINE.

Learn more : https://www.wiremicrosystems.com

WiRE Microsystems

WiRE Microsystems is a tech company specialized in innovative cybersecurity and business continuity solutions : https://www.wiremicrosystems.com

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