WiRE Microsystems joins “Startup with IBM” Program

WiRE Microsystems
Sep 8 · 2 min read
WiRE Microsystems joins IBM in the “Startup with IBM program”

With a great excitement, we announce our acceptance into the ‘Startup with IBM’ program. The program provides us a great opportunity to partner with IBM to make a transformative growth for our business with IBM’s scalable solutions to disrupt the business continuity and data security industry.

By IBM: “Whether you started a business to disrupt an industry or to create meaningful solutions that actually change people’s lives, IBM is here to help you do just that. We are committed to providing access to our technology, our startup community across local and global ecosystems, and expert support so you can focus on growing your business.”

The Benefits

With the ‘Startup with IBM’ program, we are able to use of free IBM cloud credits of worth $120,000 to access more than 130 unparalleled services. Moreover, we can use IBM’s exclusive learning resources to deepen our skills and expertise.

Upon graduating from ‘Startup with IBM’ we would be eligible to join ‘IBM Partners’, their global partner program, where we take advantage of getting exclusive partner offers to build innovative solutions to enhance the future of ‘business continuity’. Besides, we can get exposed to their global network and sell our built solutions through IBM Marketplace, where we get the opportunity to expand our audience and access 25 million partners comprising potential leading buyers and sellers around the globe. Furthermore, we receive support from their experts and advocates.

About WiRE Microsystems

WiRE Microsystems is a software company with main focus on data security and system recovery solutions, WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE is the world’s fastest and the easiest-to-use ever system recovery solution.


WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE

WiRE Microsystems XMACHINE is capable of Recovering the whole system including all of its software components with ONE SINGLE CLICK and within ONE SINGLE SECOND. Even in Permanent System Startup Failure and BSOD Situations with 100% user files guaranteed safety.

XMACHINE uses an advanced Filesystem wise technology that is copyrighted to WiRE Microsystems.

XMACHINE has an AI-enabled edition that makes ATM Machines extremely error-aware to perform self recovery on errors.

In Action!

XMACHINE — Demo Video

Read full article : https://wiremicrosystems.com/blog/index.php/wire-microsystems-joins-startup-with-ibm-program/

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WiRE Microsystems

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WiRE Microsystems is a software company with main focus on data security and business continuity solutions : https://www.wiremicrosystems.com

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