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GATCOIN — the biggest marketing innovation since the discovery of points

Hello, my friends all meet me again wirogendeng212, this time we discussed a very rare project as usual. In this case, permission to read this article / blog is complete so you can contribute directly to the project you are discussing now. In a company, it is certainly about marketing marketing of products made to attract investors and other people. This time we will discuss GATCOIN , but Gatcoin is the biggest marketing innovation since we found one point, let’s discuss this project one by one

A sale token was launched in 14 days. This post / after blog ngepost.

Advantages of liquidity, tradeability, retail sales:


All retailers can participate in our global distributed shopping platform, upload products and deliver their brand’s digital brand to popular consumers audience in minutes.

Applicable AIRDROPS

A-Drop technology publishes digital tokens targeting audiences, depending on demographics, shopping profit, geographic location no matter where in the world


The token may be like a pendant on the pedal. You can choose a token that fits your taste.

Gat computer work:

A-Drop ™ provides retailers with unprecedented power to provide customers with a geographically-specialized cryptographic currency award. This press calls us the greatest marketing innovation since the discovery of the point

Anytime, anywhere, any time you can start:


Specify the number of tokens to create and upload products on the shopping platform.


Set the audience target based on demographics, shopping settings, geolocation.


We can offer A-Drop ™ to customers, issue prizes quickly and win prizes!

Push Notification:

You have a prize of 100 dollars. “

Receipt token

We use tokens (and count) on our more than 60,000 store networks

Trading token at GAT exchange


The token is redistributed to other customers in the configuration pool

Drop-down options prevent unwanted spam and tokens

Authorization configuration

Black list tokens to prevent spam

Whitelist token to compose selected merchants

What to see:


“We have to partner with GATCOIN the best block solution for animals” — STEVE LEE, CEO, SK PLANET JAPAN


N has great potential for reasonable REWON reasonable market “- CEO, HANS LINDROTH, consulting at joining the company

Gatcoin · Talkin · Distribution:

Sales token — 200 million

Purchase price — $ 0.20

All Prices — TBD

Foundation Gut

An independent nonprofit organization based in Singapore.

TOKEN Sales Parameters:

Release date: October 28, 2017

Token provided: 200.000.000 ERC 20 GAT coin

Minimum funding target: USD 20 million

Maximum funding cap: US $ 60 million

Future distribution: 60% in the three years from 2018 to 2021

to sum up:

Gatcoin is a very potential game changer when it comes to an interesting retail world. It has the power to bring out some real confusion to the world.

Immatureness of the Ethereum network is one of the major risks. According to the situation given and the situation for many years, Ethereum ‘s mainstream problem is one of the front-end problems.

After the token sale, Gatcoin aims to further expand in step by step which is a big strategy expanding globally. First of all, we will develop in Asia and the USA, then plan the EU and the next global expansion. Marketing, sales, technical engineering offices are developed in these places. They aim to earn money from Gut Marketplace through trading fees of Got Exchange and engineering and maintenance fees of the GAT network using merchant fees.

For more information:

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