How to eat out and crush your Keto goals

One of the secrets to succeeding at a Ketogenic diet, is to cook your food. You get to decide exactly what goes into your meal, allowing you to enjoy your food and crush your goals.

If you’ve been following this recipe for success, then eating out might make you wonder:

  • “Where do I go and what do I eat?”
  • “How many hidden carbs are there in this meal?”
  • “Will this meal keep me full?”

On top of that, you’ve got friends, family or colleagues who might say things like “c’mon it’s one meal!” or “Who cares? You deserve this!”.

I’ve been there before, and have come up with a set of tips on how to have a guilt-free dining experience and still crush your goals!

Know your go-to foods

Now is not the time to try extravagant dishes that combine all sorts of ingredients together. Instead, you want to stick with meat/seafood/eggs/cheese and vegetables/fruit (avocado). Make sure to ask about sauces/dressing, or stick to classics that you can trust. Some examples:

  • Over-easy eggs and bacon with an avocado.
  • Sirloin steak with broccoli
  • Grilled chicken breast salad with parmesan cheese and olive oil and lemon
  • Lettuce wrapped cheeseburgers with mustard and mayonnaise
  • Grilled salmon with Asparagus
  • Taco salad without the beans, rice & tortillas.
  • Cheese and charcuterie platter
  • Shrimp Cocktail (skip the sauce)
  • Rotisserie Chicken with steamed green beans and broccoli
  • Salmon and Tuna Sashimi with a side salad

Do your homework

Does that Friday evening work party always end up with someone saying “Hey let’s go grab a bite to eat”? Be proactive and scan the restaurants around the area ahead of time. Look at their menus. See a salad where you can add chicken breast and remove quinoa from? See a steak on that menu? Add that restaurant and that meal to your ‘list’.

Do you like to track your calories and macronutrients? Then check if they have that information online. Do you have any questions about their meals? Contact the restaurant and ask away! Most Restaurants are more than happy to help.

Plan ahead whenever possible

Don’t wait for your friends to organize something and invite you to that Thai place. Take the initiative and plan the get-together yourself! That way, you got to suggest places that can work for you and your friends. Win, win!

Be flexible

While you might be content with going to that fancy steakhouse for dinner, your friends might not be. Remember that list I mentioned? The one with all the restaurants and go-to meals? Suggest another restaurant from that list instead, and see how everyone feels.

They might say no to Steak, but yes to sushi, allowing you to get some delicious sashimi instead!

Balance the rest of your meals

If you know your night out is going to involve a Ribeye steak, then it may not be worth having a large meal for lunch. One of the reasons many of us follow this diet is because of how satiating it can be, so keep in mind when making plans.

And if your goals are weight-loss related, altering your portion sizes for the day can help you meet your caloric goals.

Good luck!

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to have a great experience dining out, while still crushing your goals!