How my father’s death led me to found

My dad, “Israel’s Lee Iacocca,” embracing Shamrock Holdings’ Stanley Gold

Find and share wisdom at Wisdo

The power of connection

“I care,” his advice seemed to say, “I’d like you to make the right decision.”

You don’t know what you don’t know

If you’re lucky, wisdom is given to you by someone who’s “been there” and wants to help you by sharing what they’ve learned.

Advice, powered by experience

Seeking and sharing wisdom

  1. Create an online vessel that will encourage people to download what they’ve learned, their “aha moments,” on the one end — and make all of these insights accessible to people on the other.
  2. Develop an underlying, simple structure that will help those who are totally new to a life experience (e.g. buying a new home, coming out as gay, being diagnosed with breast cancer) anticipate what’s coming. Improve that structure with contributions by real people who’ve gone through real experiences.
  3. Determine a series of “Timelines” (each life challenge or opportunity), “Milestones” (major points along the way) and “Steps” (specific events between milestones) that define or ‘map out’ a certain life experience. Structured this way, people can easily go in, share their “Insights” (what, in hindsight, they want others to know), add more Steps, recommend additional Milestones, or even build new Timelines.

Wisdom = Knowledge + experience + empathy.

  1. Authenticity Contrary to what sometimes can be found in social networks, the content at Wisdo is pulled from real life not life romanticized; real community support, not comments made by trolls.
  2. Visibility Wisdo offers an easy-to-understand, step-by-step structured (“Path”) that provides users a vision of what the road ahead might look like for a major life experience.
  3. Community Wisdo‘s community members feel that, no matter what they are facing, they are not alone. They can interact with others, with varying degrees of experience as manifested in Wisdo badges, who can provide actionable knowledge, powered by experience. Every “Step” of the way.

Authenticity. Visibility. Community. Three values that modern life sometimes lacks but should include, if we are to live well.

Never Give up



Real stories, by real people. Powered by

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Wisdo Stories

Wisdo Stories

Real stories, by real people. Powered by