Are You Focused?

Focus is power. Focusing can be hard to master. Can it be done? YES. Will it be easy to accomplish? NO. If it were easy we would all be doing it, right?

How many of you can relate to this?

You wake up. You check your phone, call ________ (insert name of person you shouldn’t be calling as soon as you wake up) and check your phone again.

You eat breakfast while aimlessly scrolling through social media and the television is blasting in the background.

It is time to start work. You play music while “multitasking”.

Time for the gym. Hopefully you aren’t talking on the phone in the gym but after each set you continuously check your phone.

This Must Stop

Your focus should be on priorities. Turn off all of the distractions. If that means you can’t see what your favorite celebrity is doing on Instagram every three minutes then SO WHAT! You have better things to do with your time. The continuous checking and re-checking your phone isn’t healthy and usually causes anxiety.

I recommend you grab some coffee (black coffee for me please), find a quiet place, and FOCUS. Turn off your phone, the television, etc., and commit to tackling a single task. Yes, multitasking is cool however it is hard to focus on two tasks at once. With that being said, sit down and get to work.

Focus is a muscle. Build it. After all, that is why I’m in the gym five days a week.