Music and Me

I have a confession to make ! not a life changing confession, but still a little confession.

I do not have one musical bone in my body.

At school the teachers were very kind, but I could hear them sniggering behind my back as I walked out of the choir rehearsal — I didn’t get in, not even on the back row to make up the numbers. My recorder teacher broke my recorder, on purpose I believe, so she didn’t have to listen to me murdering ‘Three Blind Mice’ in her class any longer!

My two very talented children are my musical heroes, the eldest having completed all her grades in Trumpet and going on to study music at university after finishing sixth form college. My youngest is known for her singing ability, she would rather learn all the words to a pop song than learn anything that can be taught at school. I have tried to persuade her to sing her times tables and even bought a CD to help with this process. Anyone want to learn their times table in an American accent?

BUT, I love everything about music, from listening to performing and singing to talking about great musical events.

I am very fortunate to live in a city that has an amazing array of diverse musical interest, the angelic voices of the choristers at the Cathedral, the upcoming bands that perform in the streets of Salisbury, to visiting musicians we can get up close and personal with at our small, intimate venues in the city.

My blog aims to entice you to expand your musical interest, reach out to different genres and styles, have a dance on the street at a musical event near you. Embrace the excitement of letting music move you, watch your kids swing to the beat and don’t be afraid to join in, maybe even partake in a bit of dad dancing!

I really hope I can promote music in such a way that inspires a passion in you to feel the rhythm of the beat!

@Shoutsalis #ShoutSalis

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