Sorry for the late blog — but I have an excellent excuse!

I know there are some of you wonderful people out there hanging on my every word I type, and I have to apologise for being a day late with the blog this week, but my excuse is that I was sitting in the glorious sunshine listening to some absolutely awesome 80’s music yesterday — which I believe is most important when I am indulging in some music making attempts myself!

The old dear has had her make over — I have to say it is a little noisier than a relaxing manicure. It also involves some heavy duty kit, not sure I would want a wrench tickling my parts!

Apparently it has an overdamper action, commonly known as a birdcage action, which makes it quite difficult to tune — the lovely piano lady has said it might take a few tunes to get it up to concert pitch (!) WHAT — that sounds all a bit technical for my liking…

I have explained my plan to the lovely piano lady and she seems to think it would be entirely possible to complete this pledge, but that again she is a professional and very competent pianist — but hey any enthusiasm is better than being laughed at!

I have managed to find the CD that I need from last week’s blog, and have managed also to find a bouncy ball — bet you can’t guess where? Yep, under the piano when I pulled the old dear out to clean her behind! Along with some massive spider webs, a couple of dozen Hama beads, and an assortment of other rubbish that has built up since the last time she was moved.

I am now going to explain what I need to do with these bits and bobs, I have to be able to count up to 4 as well, I think I can manage that (just, hungover from the awesome 80’s concert last night though!). I am listening to beats on the CD, and bouncing the ball so it hits the floor on beat 1 of each bar. So as the ball hits the floor I count from 1 to 4. Easy that is! Slightly more tricky is double time, so the ball bounces on beats 1 and 3 — got to get my co-ordination for this exercise.

You should try it, you can get the beats to count on YouTube Metronome clock, its a bit repetitive (hahaha) — but it gave me a good idea what I am supposed to be doing!

The one thing I missed out reading about last week was the time signatures — skim reading is all very well, but not when I miss out quite important information!

Apparently the time signature tell you how many beats (or counts) there are in each bar. The top number tells you the number of beats in each bar; the bottom figure tells you the value of those beats.

Time signature chart

For example: 4/4 = 4 x counts in each bar. 2/4 = 2 x counts in each bar.

I am sure this will become so much clearer as I go through the book. Next week I might actually get to sit at the piano for a wee while!

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