Rocky hometowns are the foundation to Bachelor wine pairings

I don’t know Nick but hope he finds love.

Thanks Wine Folly for the great visual

And then there were 3. A toast to our finalists!

Definitely a Zin for Raven,

a Pinot Grigio for V of Italy,

and a sparkler for Queen C.

Pairing episode 8 with a Grenache blend from Priorat, Spain.

A BLEND?! Yes a blend. Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Carignan to be exact. Of those 3, the old-vine Grenache vines are the most notable, like Rachel’s no-show padre or Vanessa’s scary sister.

Priorat (pronounced Pree-oh-rot) in the southwest of Barcelona is home to elite red wines. It is one of only two wine regions in Spain to qualify as DOCa, the highest qualification level for a wine region according to Spanish wine regulations, alongside Rioja DOCa

We are not playing around with Priorat. So, I’m asking for your blessing to propose this wine pairing.

Reason 1: Nick’s hometown dates and wines of Priorat are both well documented for their rocky starts.

This rocky soil type, llicorella, of fragmented slate and quarts encourages the roots to grow very deep to provide the vines the right nutrients to grow.

Nick found himself in the hot seat this week. He had to go deep with Rachel’s family and we saw a moment of richness meeting Vanessa’s students.

This remote and rugged area produces wine with slatey/mineral flavors in combination with notes of spice, plumb, and earthy notes.

Reason 2: There was a revival of Priorat in the 80’s and I think Nick is poised for an emotional resurgence.

After the decline of the region in the mid 20th century, Priorat needed Rene Barbier and a few other producers to initiate the regions wine comeback. Years later wine prices were soaring.

I firmly believe that Andi can be that for Nick.

Nick and Andi looking down the steep vineyards of Priorat

He’s had a rough go of it recently: interrogations, a terrible volleyball game, and poor wine pairings. Andi saw greatness in Nick in 2014. Now, she is the only woman in NYC who can instill that confidence again.

That’s all for now — Cheers and happy Bachelor-ing!

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