Minikube Cheat Sheet

Wise G
Wise G
Jul 13, 2017 · 3 min read
minikube get-k8s-versions
minikube.exe start --kubernetes-version="v1.7.0" --vm-driver="virtualbox" --show-libmachine-logs --alsologtostderr
kubectl version
kubectl cluster-info
kubectl cluster-info dump
minikube ip
minikube dashboard or if just want the url:minikube dashboard --url=true
kubectl proxy
kubectl get nodes
kubectl run hello-nginx --image=nginx --port=80
kubectl expose deployment hello-nginx --type=NodePort
minikube service --url=true hello-nginx
kubectl get nodes
kubectl get svc
hello-nginx <nodes> 80:31019/TCP 24m
<node ip>:31019
kubectl scale --replicas=3 deployment/hello-nginx
kubectl get deployment
minikube: Running
localkube: Running
kubectl: Misconfigured: pointing to stale minikube-vm.
minikube update-context

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