When the Blues Go Marching In

St. Louis, Missouri. A city of many things. The Gateway to the West. But for the past 51 seasons, it has been the place for hockey. Home to one of the NHL’s most passionate fanbases, still without a Stanley Cup title. These guys, they protect the arch for the faithful.

Design made by Brett Wiseman (2017)

The passion that these fans have for a team that has floundered year after year in the playoffs is a bit of an anomaly. The Blues, once they make the playoffs (which is regularly) are counted out by hockey experts and casual fans alike. But there’s something about St. Louis that makes these fans keep coming to the arena. No matter what the media says about their team. They. Still. Believe. You may be wondering, do players love playing in a city without a title? Let those players tell you themselves

The people of St. Louis love their Blues as much as they love baseball and Budweiser. In a city where the baseball team has had rousing success, you may think that the hockey team would lose some luster. Not at all.

The team’s iconic name and logo are meaningful to the city. They represent the city’s rich history of Jazz music, paying homage in its name, logo, and branding to the likes of Louie Armstrong. It is that civic pride in the name that is one of the huge reasons St. Louis loves the Blues. The team is as true as can be to the Gateway City.

The Blues are special to this place. There is heritage, pride, a sense of community when the faithful convene night after night at the corner of 14th and Clark Street. Scottrade Center, the home of the Blues, is the unofficial town hall of St. Louis. The council meets 44 times each season, belting out LET’S GO BLUES at every available opportunity, and signing “When the Blues Go Marching In” following each electrifying goal. The Blues mean more to St. Louis than many teams mean to many cities. Do they hate they don’t have a cup? Absolutely. But that doesn’t stop 20,000 from coming through the turnstiles night after night to support the note.

There’s a saying in St. Louis: Long Live The Note. And it shall. The Blues will always have a place in the city of St. Louis.

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