Apple fan or fanboy?

So it finally happened, after years of being an Apple user, desktops and laptops to be precise, I was for the first time referred to as a Fanboy.

A colleague asked why I was so attracted to their products. I gave what could easily be described as an enthusiastic reply on why the simplicity of Mac OS, the gestures, command line, software only available to Mac and other elements that held my attention for all these years. Sure you can do all I do on a Windows machine however I always find myself more productive in Mac OS.

After I explained all of this the reply was simply “Ah, so your a fanboy?”. I looked, well, glared at him thinking “Did you even hear any of what I said?”.

So it got me thinking maybe I am a fanboy! That said, I do not follow Apple specifically, I do not buy all their products nor do I think anything other than their only purpose is to extract as much money from me as they can, like all other retailers? However given what they provide me with I let them do it just as I am sure you do with a product or service you believe it or get enough out of.

He then followed up with “Why pay more for less when you can get more and pay less?”. Actually a good question. I don’t believe I pay significantly more than I suspect what he was alluding to in the form of a Windows device.

Recently I paid £1,362 for my new MacBook Pro (Even I wonder why it’s pro). 4 weeks into using it I have had no issues, it runs fast, does everything I need and I am really quite happy with it. From coding, to watching videos, a little bit of light gaming in World of Warcraft that little 13 inch machine handles it all.

That it has the latest and greatest processor or more memory is not a factor for me, what is important for me is that it does what I want it to do, quickly and will last for as long as I need it. Check, on all points! The hardware I need, not the overpowered hardware I do not need or will make use of.

Now over the next 2 years I have it there will be an Apple store within 20 minutes should I have any issues, somewhere I can walk into and express how unhappy I am to a real person as well as get it booked in for repair should it breakdown. I will, within the first year pay another £200 to extend the warranty, it’s actually a a value added service that is value for money.

But in two years I will sell it on Ebay for the next model, Ebayers will be ready and willing to part with good money depending on how well I look after it of course. I have always quickly sold my old products for good money, my last MacBook earned me 41% of its original retail value to then reduce the the current purchase.

I guess I must be sounding like a fanboy now, however my point is that it works best for me, I could make Windows work but I don’t need to with my Apple devices.

For me Apple makes it easy for me to use and rely on their products, far more than other manufacturers of PC type devices.

So, are you a fan or a fanboy/girl? What characteristics do you even need to display to be one?

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